Dr. Frankenstein

Dr. Victor Frankenstein, earned the title of mad scientist, after the series of successful reanimation experiments. With his love for chemistry and questionable methods, he became one of the most brilliant doctors in Fableville.

Dr. Helsing

Strict, devoted and pragmatic. Dr. Freya van Helsing is a highly educated and experienced leader, with zero tolerance for injustice or evil. She never gives up until, the job is done, diseases cured and her patients safe.

Dr. Smith

Dr. Cyrus Smith, gentleman of many talents, is a great doctor and engineer. He personally created and refined Dr. Watson. Rumours say, he was the result of secret experiments on a mysterious island, but that's another story.

Dr. Jekyll

Clouded with mystery, Dr. Henry Jekyll almost never leaves his lab. But when he does, things get done. His deeds, introverted nature and sarcasm earned him a reputation as a cold genius, with a mouth like a sharp blade.

Dr. Watson

An excellent droid with a loving personality. The diagnostic services of Dr. Sofia Watson improve with every disease analyzed. She's a living proof of artificial intelligence turned awesome.

Once upon a time,

there was a hospital, never mentioned in any tale and this is where it's story begins ...